Update Technology

In designing and producing parts and assemblies of this company, the latest technology of the world is used and an attempt is made to update it

Timely Delivery

Among the company’s obligations and privileges are the production and delivery of parts and assemblies produced on time to the customer.

Quality Assurance

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Imagination encircles the world.

Competitive Price

Our final price is competitive with other manufacturers.

Soorin, Creative

Customer Orientation

Observance of national and international air standards and efforts to increase customer satisfaction and continuously improve the quality of work to access new and larger markets internationally


Customer Satisfaction

Creating process-oriented thinking at all levels of the organization to meet legal requirements and adhere to technical and qualitative principles and put customer orientation at the forefront by meeting the demands and satisfaction and trust of customers

Human Resources

Development of human resources through the use of trained and effective specialists, especially in the executive fields

Quality Management

Implementation of quality management system in accordance with the standard model ISO9001: 2015 in all levels of the organization and efforts to continuously improve and efficiency of the system continuously


Investigating the level of achievement of the organization’s quality goals at the beginning of each year through monitoring and measurement and analysis in line with the policy

Quality Assurance

Continuous improvement of the quality level of work to access new and larger markets at the international level and provide conditions for cooperation and partnership with well-known companies in the region and the world.


Develop guidelines for handling complaints and measuring customer satisfaction and measuring customer satisfaction by sales management and performing improvement measures based on the results.

Made of Metal Parts
Made of Collections
Year of Continuous Activity
Trying to Create Customer Satisfaction

Variety of Products

The company’s main products are Refurbished and New plane Heat Pack brakes and it has a high variety.